Tax-Exempt Organizations & Private Foundations

Practice Areas

We advise clients in determining the best vehicle for their objectives , whether it is a charitable trust, public charities, private foundations, a donor-advised fund with a local community foundation, and other tax-exempt organizations with respect to formation, recognition of tax-exempt status by the IRS and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and , governance, and operational matters. We provide continuing guidance to the officers, directors, and trustees regarding the operation and management of the organization. Issues that often arise include analysis of contributions and proof of public charity status, unrelated business taxable income issues, internal policies regarding grant-making and distributions,internal governance, conflicts of interests, employment practices,investment limitations, tax penalties, self-dealing and prohibited transactions. Our attorneys have advised clients regarding the reorganization of business structures, the establishment of subsidiaries and independent affiliated entities, and the merger of two or more entities.

Tax-Exempt  Organizations  &  Private  Foundations